You can watch Mehek online now

Now a day’s serials and dramas are plays an important role in your life. This is a best way of entertainment especially for girls and ladies. The purpose of making this serial is to provide a benefit to understanding customs and rituals. Now I give you detail about the most popular serial Mehek The title of this serial is based on the main actress of this serial. This serial is very popular and famous especially in west. This story is based on the difference of class between hero and heroine. Shaurya khanna is a main hero of this of serial and mehek Sharma is a main heroine of this serial.

The story of serial mehek is based on the journey of home maker. This serial is based on the love story of shaurya khanna and mehek Sharma. Samiksha jaiswal the role of main heroine and karan vohra plays the main role of shaurya khanna. Both of them live in a different direction. The heroine of this serial belongs to a middle class family and shaurya khanna belongs to a rich family.

She cooks delicious and tasty food every day. Everyone loves to eat her dish. For the sake of her family she participates in the competition of India super cook. She belongs to a middle class family due to this reason he hates her so much. Shaurya is a big chef and always behave rude to anybody due to this reason she insulted him at one instance.
After insulted him, he decided to take revenge from her. Due to this reason he sends her uncle in prison. By which she understand that he is a bad guy. Sometime the situation is come then you are unable to watch this on TV. Due to this reason you can watch mehek online. On online there are several websites that helps you watch this serial.

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