What is the best field of view for backup cameras?

A good backup camera must have a wide field of view. Most rear view cameras on the market today have a 60 degrees field of view. It is important to understand that a 60-degree field of view is the narrowest angle you can find in a rear view camera. Although most cameras have this field of view, backup camera reviews note that this view is too narrow to be considered for many purposes. In addition, a 60-degree field of view only provides 30 degrees of field of view past camera centreline. For large vehicles, this field of view is not enough to enable a driver drive backwards or back out of a parking lot.

The 60-degree field of view is only perfect when a driver is backing out in a straight line. However, the downside is that a camera with this field of view does not give enough coverage to see the blind spots behind the vehicle. Such a narrow angle of view actually defeats the main purpose of having a backup camera. This is because backup camera reviews suggest that it usually does not turn the camera into a replacement or a supplement of the main rear view mirror.
When purchasing a rear view camera, backup camera reviews advise that you should consider a rear view camera with a 90-degree field of view. This should actually be the least angle you should consider when purchasing this camera. Such a camera will give you a 45-degree view of an area behind the vehicle from the camera’s centerline. This is enough view to enable you see pedestrians and oncoming traffic. In addition, a 90-degree field of view covers the car’s blind spots. The downside, however, is that a driver may be forced to check between the mirrors and the camera to ensure that there are no obstacles behind the car.

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