Upcoming Phones – What to Keep An Eye Out For

2017 might be midway through but there’s still a ton to keep an eye out for in regards to upcoming phones. As several brands came out with new and various handsets which sported unique characteristics, all making it to several handheld news newsgroups it’s become the year of initiation. Nevertheless, there are several items that are new to check for in regards to cell phone specifications. Comparison of handsets released recently with those that came out last year is likely to allow you to realize the enormous difference between their characteristics and handsets.

Among the key handsets which has managed to create waves in the upcoming cell phones marketplace is the LG G4. The G3 of LG was the most challenging phone from a year ago, and it came using a striking and new appearance. So, the G4 sports a fancy leather casing, with Snapdragon 808 central processing unit, 5.5 inch High Definition display and 32 GB of internal storage, which is expandable. LG is making waves using its LG G Flex 2.
Only when you thought that HTC could not get any better, the upcoming phones manufacturer managed to outdo itself with the HTC M9. As it managed to actually succeed the marketplace using its exceptional cell phone specifications this past year’s M8 was a big hit. Comparison of the M8 and M9 will allow you to realize the M9 comes with Snapdragon 810 chipset, a 20 MP primary camera and an octa-core central processing unit. The M9 can also be releasing as a phablet, with the M9, which will be a 5.5 inch phablet. This really is certain to give the likes of Note 4 contest.
Sony also is releasing the Z4 and the Z3, which plan to be noble successors of the highly successful main Z3 set of last year’s. When discussing new starts, and how one can forget Microsoft. Microsoft is on stopping the name of Nokia turned but it’s keeping the Lumia show living. The newest offerings from Microsoft comprise the Lumia 940 XL and the Lumia 940. As has for ages been the standard with Microsoft and Lumia these mobiles also will come with Windows OS and glowing and big displays.

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