The best way to choose the best bet

Sports and betting have had a great relationship since a very long time. If you have been following sports for the purpose of betting then you have a clear idea about the best NBA lineups that you need to bet for or against.

Betting on the major leagues of basketball game is as usual a great deal. For this it becomes highly necessary you know not only about the best teams but also about the players in the team. The players are the key in this sports betting because they are the ones that can make the difference in the scores at any point of time.images-2

Most of the time the power rating is made on each team but if you really want to win big you must change this concept and make power rating for each player and then calculate the winning potential for each team. You have to figure out that one crucial player from among the NBA expert picks that and then bet on their performance.

This is not a very hard thing to do but definitely it is a time taking thing and you will need to spend hours together to figure out first the team and then the player that would be instrumental in the teams’ performance and be one of the fan duel picks.

There are main things that are important in deciding that key player for the team such as

the history of the player as far as the number points that are scored for every minute that he has played on the court

the number of rebounds he played every minute of his playing time

number shots blocked

number of steals made

the turnovers

It is only the action that is performed per minute that is important.

The sports betting has reached t a greater heights with the fan duel betting where you can engage in the daily fantasy basketball games and make a lot of money. This betting on fantasy sports like basketball is obviously a great deal for the players who are participating in it.

There are mainly two formats that are used in this and they are

whole season fantasy leagues

NBA fantasy contests held on daily basis

There are many websites that provide you with both the formats of the game and let you enjoy the game either just for fun or for money.

The process of selection of the position for each of the players is decided by a lucky draw. But, if you are a returning league player the manager of the team may decide the position for you depending on your performance in the last season of NBA lineups. But in the last few years the positions have been auctioned too and that is becoming more and more popular as it leads to more money making as compared NBA expert picks.

The daily contests

There are managers who like the fast and furious action that would bring n more money and therefore they offer on their website contests on the daily basis. These are however, based on the formats that are already in the list on website. These contests can be started by any of the contestants and later joined in by the other contestant by paying certain amount of entry fee. The contest could be based on either winner getting all the money or some consolation for all the contestants participating. Also, there is a format in which website sponsors the contest. This however is very popular as there are many entries and a lot of money to be won by all by just paying a small entry fees.

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