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Fred is back to Israel
September 2011
We are so excited!!!

• • •


Kabbalat Shabbat

at Tel Aviv Port

• • •

An Interview with Fred Johnson

A Sufi Zikker in Jaffa

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in Israel A TV Interview

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Scripting a new Storyline

“The art of authoring a reality of SUCCESS"

Scripting a new Storyline is an opportunity to explore the power of imaging and articulating the fullness of our vision for a successful, joyful and abundant life.

Using the metaphor of writing a stage play, we will identify beliefs and self talk that limit our ability to attain the level of life satisfaction we desire. We will explore the language of our inner conversations, our external communication and our ability to create detailed imagery when scripting in our lives, our goals and desires for attainment. This experiential presentation will give us the chance to explore our creative expression as a means to be inspired to remember that we are the creators of our life experiences and that we must sculpt with great detail. The essence of this journey is to realize and acknowledge our personal value, claim it and author a story that will take us to our point of high destiny and help to transform the world.


Outlining the fundamental structure of the play of life:  Writer, Producer, Director, Technical Director, Set Designer, Cast, Musical Director, Marketing, Development


Part One

Exploring our personal journal:   In this exercise we discuss how we see 
nd how we speak of our life now. We take a look at and listen to the story,

we tell and examine how limiting beliefs stifle our progress, growth and

ability to achieve.

Part Two

Rewriting the “I am”:   Here we begin the process of writing a new “script”

of who we are, expressing our wholeness and

potential and being the scenic journey of our new

life play. This one, designed to ensure a “Standing

Ovation” at its conclusion.  

Part Three

Illustrating the “I am”:  In this exercise participants are asked to draw a

picture depicting the essence of their joy.

Part Four

Ten things I love and appreciate about myself:      Here we compile a list.

This is an image building exercise.

Part Five

The ways that I limit myself are:     This is a compiled list to remind us of

How we get in the way of our own ability to achieve.

This list can be used to pattern interrupt when we find ourselves slipping.  

Part Six

My joy list:    This exercise is designed to help us remember those things

that brings us sheer joy. Here participants are asked to commit

to doing at least one of these things a week.

Part Seven

Creating the melody of my life song:  This final exercise gives our

Participants the chance to write the lyrics to their “Life Success Song”.


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