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Fred is back to Israel
September 2011
We are so excited!!!

• • •


Kabbalat Shabbat

at Tel Aviv Port

• • •

An Interview with Fred Johnson

A Sufi Zikker in Jaffa

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in Israel A TV Interview

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Notes on the Pathway of Loving

Tune in to yourself with Fred Johnson(Frejon') and the Voh&#39armic Healing Techniques

The Sound & Soul Experience takes you on a journey to loving you.  Allow yourself to be nurtured into a place of knowingness that awakens a new understanding of how magnificent you are and what a Divine gift you share with the world by truly being one with the harmonic resonance of the universe that expresses itself as …you.

On the journey of The Pathway of Loving we will explore:

The Power of Love
– The True Foundation for Abundance; the Loving Triangle: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Loving;  Loving Self; Being in Loving Presence; Mirroring the energy of Loving; All roads lead … The Pathway of Loving

The Power of the Mind
– Harmonizing the Inner Dialogue; the Dynamic of Intention; Frequency and Grace;

-  Opening the Breathway…  Shaping the Breath… Square, Rectangle, Triangle . Four Seasons Conscious breathing…. and more

-  Awakening the Voice Within; Seed Sounds; Sound Surrender; Drums & Drones

Body Language
– Whole Body Awareness; Nurturing the body; Water, water, water;  The meditation of motion/walk/dance; Major Centers of Communication; The language of Being….In the body;

Voh’armic Healing Tradition
– Manifesting the sonic frequency of healing through the breathway of the voice, enlivening the natural medicines of the body, while awakening a renewed sense of energetic balance and divine wholeness.

Scripting a New Storyline
– The Power of Words and Language; Elements of the “Lifeplay”; Rewriting and Illustrating the “I am”; Creating the melody of your Life…

And have a lot of FUN!

 A three day workshop
 at INBAR in the GALILEE
April 8 - 10, 2010
Thu.17:00 to Sat. eve

 2200nis workshop+lodging+full board
1800nis advanced registration (untill March 20th)
500nis in advance
Zvia -   0527345757
Ariella - 0544958695


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