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לרכישת סדנה


Fred is back to Israel
September 2011
We are so excited!!!

• • •


Kabbalat Shabbat

at Tel Aviv Port

• • •

An Interview with Fred Johnson

A Sufi Zikker in Jaffa

• • •

in Israel A TV Interview

• • •

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Voh&#39armic™ Healing

Extending the reach to your highest potential


Fred Johnson has been using his voice to guide people towards a reality of personal growth and transformational awakening for 17 years. With over 35 years of experience in the realms of creative expression, educational instruction, performance and production, vibrational healing, sacred music traditions and spiritual counseling, he offers you the opportunity to enhance your ability to reach your highest levels of personal growth and soulful wellbeing. As a Soullife Enrichment Trainer Fred will guide you towards unleashing the power of your mind, the healing essence of your breath and the energetic and spirit tuned frequencies in the sound of your voice as you are introduced to the ancient and magnificent study of  Voh’armics .


The practice of Voh’armic Healing  is defined as manifesting the sonic frequency of healing through the breathway of the voice, aligning with patterns of harmonic resonance that resound in the inner sanctuary of the body, enlivening it’s natural medicines while awakening a renewed sense of energetic balance and Divine wholeness. This study which is rooted in ancient tradition can be a true pathway to health and wholelife wellbeing when applied as a daily practice

This practice involves the study of the following: 

The frequency of Thought

The elements of Breath

The spectrum of Sound


Heart Energy

Surrendering the Ego

Drums and Drones

You are cordially invited to attend a Three Day Seminar with Fred Johnson (Frejon')
Begin your journey with Voh’armic Healing

Sounding the Inner Harmonics
Opening the Breathway
The Sounds of Silence
Drums and Drones
Sound Surrender
Tracing Infinity/Body Awareness

Enjoy a totally experiential journey of sound, soul, science and celebration as you gain tools of empowerment and learn to create melodies of vision, hope and healing.




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