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Fred is back to Israel
September 2011
We are so excited!!!

• • •


Kabbalat Shabbat

at Tel Aviv Port

• • •

An Interview with Fred Johnson

A Sufi Zikker in Jaffa

• • •

in Israel A TV Interview

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Business Workshops

Business Enrichment Seminars


Fred Johnson has inspired thousands of business professionals and guided them to utilize the practical tools necessary to perform at their highest potential and realize the true rewards of success and abundance.
As a licensed Life Enrichment trainer and Spiritual Counselor, Fred has been asked by Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, James Ray, Raymond Aaron, Dr. John Gray, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dave Meltzer and many other Life Success experts to be a part of their programs and present his unique and powerful message inspiring people to recognize and reclaim their personal power.

As Founder and part of the Voh’armic Healing Institute team Mr. Johnson will share with conference attendees three powerful life elements which serve as the foundation upon which to build the quest for physical and mental health, productivity and success. Participants will explore the power of their words, the power of their thoughts and their ability to tap into their peak creative genius both individually and as a team member.

Participants come away with a new inner dialogue that serves as an inspiration for every action in their life, realizing that the journey to success begins with how we perceive, honor, nourish our physical bodies, and speak to ourselves, as we maneuver through the complexities of life. Mr. Johnson utilizes creative expression in a unique and inspiring way to build new bridges to peak performance.



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