Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Marketplace

The Playa Del Carmen real estate business is closely interconnected using the region’s tourism sector in a variety of ways, with both investors and residents gaining significant edge from powerful tourism. This is the reason it is important that a substantial upsurge was seen by 2010 in hotel occupancy, particularly in tourism numbers.

The Ministry of Tourism in Mexico has reported that there was a substantial escalation in the tourism action in the whole state. Playa del Carmen had one of the very spectacular performances in escalation in hotel occupancy, surpassing the amounts of 2009 by over 24 percent!
For several Playa del Carmen real estate buyers, this increase means that tourism is growing, new resorts will soon be constructed, more golf courses, shopping areas, restaurants and pubs will open, the region’s well-known nature theme parks will enlarge and offer a lot more tasks, and, generally, the quality of life increases.
For investors there’s an advantage that is particular. Hotel occupancy that is higher means higher demand for rental condos. Little groups of vacationers (families, little workplace excursions, etc.) frequently look for big condominium units or houses to lease as a cozy and affordable alternative to hotel or resort rates. Higher demand means a rise in yield and a rise in leases on property investment in Playa Del Carmen real estate.
Mexico on the who do nicely – although not as well as Playa del Carmen alone! The typical amount of occupied hotel rooms in the 70 tourist facilities tracked rose an average of 9.9 percent, and visitor arrivals by air rose by 14.3 percent.
Other places which do very well in hotel occupancy increase over 2009 contain Nuevo Vallarta with a growth of over 33 percent (the only place to outperform Playa del Carmen’s increase), Acapulco enhanced 23 percent, Los Cabos alsmost 20%, and Guadalajara about 11.5 percent.

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