Melaka to comprise of the best natural beauty and easy transportation

Melaka is one of the most beautiful heritage state near to Singapore. It is very famous some of the most beautiful sceneries. Hence, it’s an ideal family trip location. If you are a Singaporean and looking for some of the best getaway weekends alone or with family, Melaka in Malaysia is the ideal location. Due to increased demand for buses to Melaka, some of the best bus companies like Sri Maju Express, Citiexchange express, Konsortium, Starmart Express and many such popular companies are offering various travel packages for both individual and family. For families the travel packages would be great. You can find out more about it from

These bus companies are offering direct bus facilities from Singapore to Melaka. The distance covered would be around 236 kms. You can easily reach Melaka within 4 hours maximum. It also depends on the traffic, and if traffic is less, then you can reach the destination within 3 hours as well. If you are planning to travel in VIP coach, then you need to board the bus from City plaza as it normally departs from here. You can also board the bus from the bus terminal of Kovan hub and a few other locations. To get a precisely list of bus departure and tickets you can visit

Melaka has been a great place for tourists as it offers the beauty of nature to the people on a silver platter. What more can one expect to remove all the stress of daily hectic work life than being in the arms of Mother Nature. This is exactly what people will receive when they reach Melaka. They will be able to find great peace and all the tension of daily life will be off within few hours. If you want to enjoy the same and release your stress just visit and book your tickets immediately.

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