London Restaurants – Great Food at a Great Price

London, like a lot of other large cities, can be a pricey spot to see, particularly when you do not understand how and where to save a few pounds. One region of expense that can rapidly make an enormous dent is eating out.images-1

London used to have rather a poor reputation for the standard of its food, and it was deemed almost impossible without needing to spend a lot of cash to love an excellent dining experience.

Happily, that’s not the situation any longer and there are many superb restaurants in London where it is possible to appreciate really delicious and nicely presented food for an incredibly reasonable cost.

The subsequent five london restaurants each bring something different to the table, from vegetarian food to those of US looking for halal restaurants in London, but…they all have one thing in common…they all offer great food for a fair price.

  1. Pimlico Fresh: an excellent spot for a pre-theater as it’s fairly close to theater property pit stop. Pimlico Fresh, offer fresh, wholesome and filling food in recognizable feeling environment. Substantial soups are and have become popular not your ordinary, somewhat foreseeable offerings; lentil and Toulouse sausage is a special favourite.

Main courses are mainly of the casserole/stew variety, served in deep bowls. An excellent example is an excellent piece of vegan Thai vegetable curry with rice, this will set you back a paltry 4.95! You should budget 25 for an excellent meal with drinks for two people.

  1. Baozi Inn: if you’re often left when purchasing from a graphic menu feeling tricked the Baozi Inn does quite a great job of rectifying that injustice, supplying meals just how they look in the menu! Situated in Chinatown, this Chinese london restaurants offers superb value for money with main courses costing between 6 to 7.


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