How to choose a DUI lawyer?

Getting a drinking and driving offense can be a life changing event. While getting a Phoenix DUI lawyer or DWI is not always about you making mistakes – as you may be innocent – the seriousness of the charges makes hiring an experienced DUI lawyer crucial. And when you hire a lawyer, it’s important to spend some time looking into his/her experience in helping clients with problems like yours. Some key findings can be made by asking some simple questions. Let’s go over some important questions you can ask.

Do You Specialize in DUI Law?

You want a lawyer who specializes in DUI law, and who has a volume of experience in helping clients just like you. While some DUI Lawyer Maricopa do a “little of everything,” you want one who specializes in handling DUI charges. That means they must handle DUI charges on a monthly if not weekly basis. They must have experience in handling the prosecution, in making statements to a judge, in questioning the arresting officers, in questioning the validity of things like blood and breath tests. If a lawyer has no experience in actually helping others defeat DUI charges, how can he or she actually help you?
How Much Do You Charge?

An experience is more important than price, but let’s faces it: you can’t afford every lawyer. That means finding out prices upfront very important. Just as you would not want the cheapest doctor to work on your heart, you should consider paying for value. On the other hand, paying $20,000 for a comprehensive defense with assistants and research may be pushing your budget. Strive for balance, pay what you can afford, and consult with more than one DUI lawyer Glendale. Instead of only looking at a single lawyer, or the cheapest lawyer, make an informed decision by looking at 5-10 experienced DUI lawyers.

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