Finding the results of using Bathmate hydro pump

If you want to start using the Bathmate hydro pump, there are certain results you should expect from the device. Following what the device manufacturer advertises to be true, you should expect to gain a penis length of between 2 cm and 7 cm. In addition, Bathmate will increase the thickness of your penis by about 30%. The bathmate results you get in general will be the increase in size of erect state and flaccid state. A person with a large penis will be able to get results although these results may not be noticeable. The results are more noticeable on people with smaller penis sizes.images-1

The advantage with Bathmate hydro pump is that regardless of the size of your penis, you will see the results immediately you start using the device. Once the device has already done its job and you remove it from the penis, you will see a certain increase in size of your penis. However, the size will start to decrease slowly within the hours to come. According to, the results you will see when using the device for the first time are temporary. Bathmate does not help you enlarge the penis overnight. This is because using the device is similar to lifting weights.

If you go to the gym today and start lifting weights, you will notice a slight difference in muscle size. This size will decrease after several hours from the gym. But if you are consistent and lift the weights on a daily basis, the results in this case will be visible after two or three months. You should think of Bathmate hydro pump as a workout device. You will only seebathmate before and after results when you use the device for several months. After using the device for two months, you will first notice an increase in length and thickness of the penis. The flaccid state of the penis will be more noticeable after two months


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