Customer Service Sales Training – Straightforward Tools that Supersizes Your Pay Check

Customer service sales trainer:

images (23)Julia and Luis walked across the street to greet their new neighbors that only moved in a couple of days past. Blake possessed his own business and was an investment advisor. He’d done well for himself. That’s why he and is wife Karen were able to move one of the greatest priced areas in the whole city, into Cottonwood.

Karen and Blake invited his wife and Luis in for some lemonade by the pool.

Blake told the places they specialized in and Louis about his investment firm. Then Luis what sort of business he was in was inquired by him. Louis said, “I sell cars.” Blake said he requested which car dealer Louis owned and had a few car dealers for customers. Louis said with a grin, “Oh no, I do not possess the car dealer I work as a car salesmen there.”

Blake had a confused look on his face and thought, “How can a car salesman manage the cost of a home in Cottonwood?”

Luis did not even sell a high end car like Mercedes or BMW. Luis sold Chevrolet’s.

So how could a car salesperson manage to live in this kind of upscale neighborhood?

No, he did not inherit the money Luis came from a family background that is quite small.

Luis has such a faithful following of customers he makes a powerful six figure income as a result and now works by appointment only.

When Luis first got into car sales five and a half years ago he was registered by his company in a sales training courses program. It was there Luis learned a strong set of customer service sales tools. Luis was so impressed with selling focusing on making the customer happy he determined – world class customer service – would be his forte.


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