Buying tips for property in Singapore

If you have been looking for a place to settle down then Singapore is a great option for you. This country gives you the opportunity to settle in one of the very green estates such as the clement canopy. All the estates here have been developed keeping in mind the health of the inmates.

Keep your health in mind
Even though the whole real estate development takes place in the city and highly commercial areas but that does not mean that there will be any compromise on the eco-friendly design of the estate. This is to be noted here that all the real estate properties have to abide by the rules and regulations set by Housing Development Board. According to the regulations a major portion of the land that has to be used for making the high rise apartment has to be allotted for greenery. There should be certain portion that needs to have the walking area, park and trees so that there is enough oxygen to breathe for the inmates and when you open your window in the morning there is beautiful fresh scenery in front of you.
The areas where you should invest
There are many areas that you can look for an apartment. One of such areas in Singapore is Clementi. However, for cheaper yet high quality apartments in clement canopy you must go to the areas that are still in the process of development. This means that though they are cheaper right now but soon their prices will be sky rocketing as soon as the infrastructure is developed. This area is located on Clementi road and is a fast developing area with major malls at just five minutes drive; various schools and universities in its vicinity; a highway that is proposed to go through it and much more.
So, if you are planning on buying a property in Singapore then Clementi is the area that you should prefer.

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