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לרכישת סדנה


Fred is back to Israel
September 2011
We are so excited!!!

• • •


Kabbalat Shabbat

at Tel Aviv Port

• • •

An Interview with Fred Johnson

A Sufi Zikker in Jaffa

• • •

in Israel A TV Interview

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Quiet Callings

The Heart Journey of Quiet Callings



Frederick R. Johnson

The language of "The Callings" is a mystical dialect 


from the sacred sound script of the Divine universe 


called forth through meditation


 over a period of fourteen months.




I am humbled, awed and grateful to the Almighty,


 by all names known, 


 and stand eager to serve as an


echo for these "Callings".




In this practice


 all "Calling" weeks beginning with odd numbers


it is suggested,


should be chanted/spoken/experienced


each day for a period of seven minutes.



All "Calling" weeks beginning with even numbers


it is suggested


should be chanted/spoken/experienced


in accordance with the directives prescribed.



Thank you for being you, and for allowing me to be your tour guide  on
this Heart Journey of the Quiet Callings.





This book is designed to provide for you a weekly journey of breath, thought, sound and spirit offered to you in an experiential format that will inspire your soul and enliven the energy within you and around you. This practice will empower your mind to realize it's fullest potential and connection to the unlimited resources of the divine quantum universe.

The journey of The Quiet Callings is a way to know personal peace. It leads you along the pathway which winds through the rich dew dripped foliage of your inner garden.  It is a journey charted to help you realize true abundance.

It awakens you and tunes your wisdom senses so that you can hear, recognize and be inspired to follow the Sacred truth which you were created to know and be guided by.

The Quiet Callings amplify the frequencies of honesty, integrity, love, honor, forgiveness and compassion which attracts the human heart to a desire for harmony and oneness.  Thank you for your commitment to enrich your life through this, your journey of The Quiet Callings.



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